Golden Arist Colors





Original Golden Acrylic Line


Thick consistency, remains smooth & buttery


100% acrylic emulsion


No additives or fillers


More pigment = More opaque & matte


Less Pigment = Glossy & more transparent





Resists skinning over, can remain wet on your palette for extended periods for longer working time


Allows acrylic to function similar to oil paint.


100% acrylic polymer


Compatible with other lines, although mix only with Open mediums & thinners for maximum open paint time



Same pigment load as Heavy Body acrylics, but has fluid consistency


Smooth flowing "while retaining color, intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, & adhesion"


No fillers, extenders, or water


Used for fine detail work, pouring, spraying, staining, and more





Virtually clog free = 100% acrylic polymet emulsion & light fast pigment


High intensity, glowing color, liquid-like consistency


Great for airbrush, pen and ink, refillable markers, glazing and painitng


Has opaque & transparent lines



Information coming soon.