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Curbside pickup has been a huge success, we love getting your emails and seeing everyone’s faces, even if it's from a distance.


If you haven't placed an order yet, it's easy - just email us what you'd like, with your phone number. We'll pull your order as soon as we can and call you to make sure everything is perfect. Then it's payment over the phone and you can head to Allard's. Give us a call when you're in the parking lot and we’ll place your order on our table outside and wave hello.



Send orders to:

with the increased volume of customer in the store we are unable to take Curbside orders over the phone.


Pick up times:

Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday from 11-4pm


We are trying out best for same day service, but you can help us by email your list with as much detail as you have and early in the day so we have time to pull your order and call you.


Don't forget to leave your PHONE NUMBER, that way we can

get back to you FASTER.