Refillable Air Powered Spray Can


All Information from: Jacquard Products

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Have you ever wanted to be able to fill a spray can with your favorite paint, medium or liquid? Now…YouCAN!


Have you ever wanted to be able to spray your own, custom mixed colors? Now…YouCAN!


Have you ever wished you could reuse your spray cans instead of throwing them away? Now…YouCAN!


Have you ever wanted to use compressed air in your spray cans instead of irritating propellants? Now…YouCAN!


Jacquard’s new YouCAN is the first ever refillable air powered spray can that looks and feels just like a regular aerosol can. It can be filled with ANY liquid and used over and over again! Simply fill the can with the medium of your choosing, pressurize with a bike pump or compressor, and spray! When it runs out, start over and do it again! For ages 12+


uni posca markers

Great for applying: paints, dyes, inks, adhesives, water, cleaning solutions, and more.


Environmentally friendly: No propellant or solvent. No empty can disposal. Continuously reusable. Can be used indoors without odor or fumes.


The Adapt-Air coupling may also be used to rescue leftover material from normal aerosol cans that have lost pressure.